BAUHN 47” Full High Definition 100Hz LCD TV

(Model: AS-47FHD1)


Software updates


Dear customer, below you will find the instructions and files required to update your AS-47FHD1 47” Full High Definition 100Hz LCD TV, to resolve issues you may be experiencing.

Version: AS47FHD1003



USB update procedure


You will need the following items

·         USB 2.0 Hi-Speed memory stick. (Min size: 64MB, Max Size: 4GB)

·         Computer capable of formatting USB drives to FAT, FAT16 or FAT32. ie; Windows XP, Vista, 7.

·         AS-47FHD1 Bauhn 47” Full High Definition 100Hz LCD TV

·         AS-47FHD1 Remote Control





Issue Summary

Affected units may display one of the following issues

·         Noise on insertion of USB

·         Noise when DTV Source selected

·         Intermittent loss of Sound on DTV


Update Procedure

WARNING: This procedure deletes all User Defined settings such as Favourites & Recording Schedules

1.       Download the USB update files using the link on the right and save it to a location on your computer.

 Download Link à  AS-47FHD1 Update File   (3MB)

2.       Connect the USB stick to your computer.


3.       Format the USB Stick to FAT, FAT16 or FAT32. Procedure may vary depending on your Operation System.


a)      In ‘My Computer’, right-click on your USB stick and select ‘Format…’ from the pop-up menu.


b)      Tick the ‘Quick Format’ box, select FAT, FAT16 or FAT32 under ‘File System’ then click ‘Start’.


Please Note: This will delete all data on the USB stick.


c)       After formatting is complete, click ‘Close’.


4.       Copy the update file ‘merge.bin’ (from step 1) onto the USB Stick, then unplug from computer.


5.       Turn on TV and select DTV


6.       Insert the supplied USB Stick into the USB socket on the left side of the TV.


7.       Press the MENU button then use the arrow buttons to change to the ADVANCED Menu.

8.       Press the Down Arrow on the remote control. You will be prompted to enter the 4 digit password. Enter your password or the default password of 0000 (Four Zeros)

9.       Press the Down Arrow to highlight “SW. Update (USB)” and press OK button.

10.   You will be prompted “Are you sure?”, press the Left Arrow button to confirm and start the software update.

11.   The update will take 20-30seconds, and when complete the TV will turn off.


12.   Remove the USB Stick.


13.   Turn the TV On.


14.   Press ‘OK’

15.    Press ‘OK’

16.   Press ‘MENU’ during DTV scan


17.   Press the LEFT arrow to confirm

18.   Press ‘MENU’ during ATV scan


19.   Press the LEFT arrow to confirm

20.   Wait until the Menu screen disappears.


21.   Press MENU to reopen the menu


22.   Go to the ADVANCED Menu, then press the down arrow.

23.   Enter ‘0000’ or your pre defined password.

24.   Press the down arrow until ‘Restore Default’ is highlighted, then press ‘OK’.


25.   Press the LEFT arrow to confirm.

The TV will turn OFF.

26.   Turn the TV on.


27.   Press ‘OK’

28.   Press ‘OK’

29.   The Auto Scan will start. When scan finishes, the Update procedure is complete.